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Rodent Management Services - Citi Pest Control in Katraj, Kothrud, Hadapsar, warje, and all over Pune offers Rodent Management service to residential and business areas to ensure the safety and hazard free environment by eliminating rodents. The term Rodents implies to Rats, Mice and Bandicoots which can become a nuisance on coming close to the proximity of residential and business areas. In addition to this they can spread harmful and deadly diseases to humans and pets. They can also cause damage to the property and contaminate the food sources. It can be found in a variety of regions like forests, deserts, tropical jungles, grasslands, etc.

Rodents keep seeking for food and shelter. So, since houses and storage areas have plenty of food and area for shelter rodents try to get access to the same facility. They are able to invade through small holes as narrow as half an inch in diameter. Rodents are capable of climbing, swimming, jumping, digging, running fast so they infiltrate the manmade buildings and gain the access easily.

Treatment :

The best way to deal with unwanted rodents is to seal the possible entrances. In addition to this regular cleaning and sanitation will help in eliminating their possible food resources.

There are many types of trapping devices, glues are available in the markets, but placing them incorrectly can cause further damage and lead to rodent infestation severity. It is required to gain professional assistance in accordance to eliminate rodent infestation. So homeowner or warehouse owner should contact with Citi Pest Control in Katraj, Pune to handle the infestation with effective, 100% safe and reliable herbal treatment service for rodents. Citi Pest Control in Katraj offers comprehensive eco-friendly pest control services for your facility across Pune.

Benefits :
  • No smell, No cleaning after treatment.
  • No displacement of utensils or goods in the house.
  • A complete odorless, hassle free and 100% relief.
  • Safe treatment for elders, kids, pets and allergetic person.
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    We at Citi Pest Control in Katraj offer rodent control services for your better environment. Our team of experts is well-trained and use advanced rodent control techniques to eliminate them and providing effective, safe and reliable herbal treatment for rodent control.

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