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Termite Control Treatments - Termite enters through the soil beneath the structure of the building. It can enter through a tiny gap (1/60th inch) in the building. Dark, dump and moist soil rich in organic matters like wood barks, papers, starch, and cellulose provides an ideal environment to the termite.

Citi pest control in Viman Nagar will help you understand the dangers and prevent them from settling down in your property. So why wait, we offer overall effective, reliable and safe herbal treatments for Termite control.

Your home may already be infected with the pests. So you don’t need your pest control experts making any additional mess! That’s why Balaji herbal pest control in Viman nagar, Pune are always ready with our equipment that will help to eliminate the pests out of your facility without creating any additional mess.

Treatment :

It can destroy the total building structure as well as responsible for diseases like infection allergy and asthma. Anti termite treatment can provide at two stages:-

  • Pre-construction Ant termite treatment.
  • Post-construction Ant termite treatment.
  • By using approved “Termicides” Citi pest control in Viman Nagar can give protection up to 10 to 15 years depend upon soil conditions above stamp paper. Termites are a group of insects that live in the colonies and mostly feed on the dead plant materials, having the ability to digest cellulose. Termites are the most destructive pests in the world, and they build their colonies in the soil. Usually termites work to search their food and reach wood or other cellulose source above the ground.

    Citi Pest Control offers an expert help in identifying and extruding termites out of your pre construction and post construction facility with the effective and safe herbal treatments. Citi Pest Control offers various pest controls in Viman Nagar, Lonavala, Kothrud, katraj, warje and across all Pune.

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    A termite lives in the form of colonies under the ground and could also be present before you construct your house. They are really very destructive and over the period of time they can be found dangerous to cause damage to your wooden furniture in the house. The best service termite control offered by Citi pest control in Viman Nagar.

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