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Pest Control Services in Bavdhan

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Your search for SAFE pest control service in Bavdhan ends with Balaji Herbal. Comprehensive Pest Control Services in Bavdhan under one roof. Balaji Herbal is a LICENSED Service Provider offering safe & effective pest control services in Bavdhan

Balaji Herbal offers its tried and tested Herbal [Organic] Pest Control Service in Bavdhan and nearby areas. Our pest control “best practices”, Safe & Approved Solutions, Focus on HERBAL Ingredients, Timely Service, Customer-Specific Solutions and Our core Values make us one of the best Pest Control Service Provider in Bavdhan.


We Love Bavdhan

Over the years Bavdhan has emerged as one of the most important suburbs in the western metropolitan corridor of the city. Being located on the Mumbai-Pune bypass road, Bavdhan is well connected with the suburbs in the northern, northwestern, and southern parts of the city.

Our association with Bavdhan started when we offered pre-construction anti-termite treatment to several construction sites in Bavdhan. And now we are offering Complete Pest Control Services in Bavdhan to the people staying in those apartments. Given the fact that we have received considerable good reviews and appreciation from the people of Bavdhan, validates the quality of our pest control services in Bavdhan. It is our pleasure to serve the highly educated, socially aware, and responsible people of Bavdhan. Our core values are in-sync with the characteristics of the Bavdhan citizens, which makes us the preferred Pest Control Service provider in Bavdhan, naturally. From Ram Nagar and Sunarwadi in the north to the Trishakti Gate and Atul Nagar in the south and Chandani Chowk in the east to Bhugaon in the west, we have the entire Bavdhan suburb covered.


A Few Societies/Localities in Bavdhan Where we Have Offered our Services

  • Ram Nagar Colony
  • Ganga Legend
  • Puraniks Abitante
  • Pebbles I & II
  • Anshul EVA
  • Sai Velocity
  • Patil Nagar
  • Dreams Belle Vue Housing Society
  • Aditya Shagun Societies
  • Stargaze
  • Kunal Belleza
  • Pristine Fontana
  • Rohan Madhuban
  • Paranjape Gloria
  • Kool Homes
  • Viva Hallmark
  • Utsav Homes
  • Orchard Park
  • Rucha Homes
  • Nyati Esplanade
  • Gracia
  • Karan Goldcoast
  • Anantshilp Society
  • Sanket Residency
  • Sherlyn Residency
  • Whistling Meadows
  • Star Altair
  • Adiraj Cluster
  • Mont Vert Belair
  • Prestige Heights
  • Mont Vert Belair Bhugaon
  • Star Altair
  • Exotica by Redstone Villas
  • The Riverside


Safe & Complete Pest Control in Bavdhan

We understand and are concerned about the safety aspect of Pest control treatments and hence our customer’s safety & health is at the core of our professional values. While providing pest control services in Bavdhan we use chemicals and solutions that are approved and certified for pest control treatments. We are experts in tackling household pests like cockroaches, ants, houseflies, fruit-flies, fleas/ticks, etc. Our Cockroach pest control treatment is centered around the “Herbal gel” formulated by our in-house team. From household pest control to sanitizing large commercial spaces, we provide COMPLETE pest control services in Bavdhan. Our pest control service is not just safe but also quick, you don’t have to wait – just call us to book the appointment.

Our household pest control is odor-free, has no harmful chemicals, is bio-degradable, and does not harm the environment. Our organic household pest control treatment is convenient too, unlike the treatments administered by other pest control companies in Bavdhan. There is no need to move your stuff around, there are no harmful fumes so there is no need to lock & vacate your home.

Negligence – It is alleged that the City authorities are turning a blind eye to the Polluted water being dumped in the Bavdhan Ramnadi. Courtesy r/pune at Reddit.

Our Pest Control Services in Bavdhan

General Pest Disinfestation – Takes care of all household pests like cockroaches, ants, flies, spiders, lizards, and fleas/ticks. Suitable for offices, apartments, farmhouses, resorts, etc. Recommended for homes with pets.

Cockroach Pest Control in Bavdhan

Dedicated gel-based cockroach pest control treatment, suitable for apartments, kitchens, storerooms, bungalows, shops, etc. Our herbal gel draws the cockroaches out of their hiding places and kills them and prevents the other cockroaches from entering your home. Our Cockroach Pest Control Service in Bavdhan is far better compared to spraying chemicals. The herbal gel is made from all naturally occurring ingredients. There are no side-effects, no toxic chemicals, and no smell. Safest pest control methods for kitchens especially.

Bed Bug Pest Control in Bavdhan

These wingless oval-shaped flat parasites feed on the human blood, the bite of a Bed Bug can cause severe irritation and skin rashes. Bed Bugs infestation spreads fast and may result in making you dispose of your costly furniture. Once a home is infested with Bed Bugs, they make their way inside your bedroom! hiding in the cracks and crevices of your bed, mattresses, tables, cupboards, pillows, sofa, chairs, linen and other furniture. A female Bed Bug is capable of laying 200 to 500 eggs in its lifetime, this is what makes bed bugs one of the most difficult pests to get rid of. Bed Bugs can ruin your and your loved ones happiness. We use a two-pronged treatment method to eradicate the Bed Bug infestation. Our technicians inspect your house thoroughly and identify the places where bed bugs hide. We then spray the relevant pesticide to destroy the existing bed bugs, a second treatment is needed to annihilate the new hatchlings. Balaji Herbal is the most reputed and experienced Bed Bug Pest Control Service Provider in Bavdhan.

Termite Treatment in Bavdhan

Termites are usually associated with the destruction of the property. That is what termites do, they feed on the wooden furniture and their population increases very rapidly. Furniture businesses are particularly vulnerable to Termite menace. Balaji Herbal Pest Control in Bavdhan provides total protection against the termites.

Ant Pest Control in Bavdhan

Black & Red ants are despicable and can tarnish the reputation of your business. Ants are particularly bad for food businesses as they can contaminate prepared food and raw material. At Balaji Herbal Pest Control Service in Bavdhan, we do dedicated pest control for Black and Red ants. Our ant pest control methodology involves the following stages:
  • Inspection – Our technician thoroughly inspects your property and identifies the places where ant colonies exist or have the potential of forming. Areas like kitchens, and raw material storage rooms are particularly paid attention to. We inspect for cracks in the walls and foundations from where the ants can enter your property. Gaps in the doors and windows are also inspected to identify the potential entry points.
  • Ant Treatment – We use ONLY approved and safe ant insecticides/pesticides that have no side-effects on humans and pets. Our Ant Pest Control Methodology involves treating the surfaces with anti-ant pesticides and creating a barrier by spraying the relevant insecticide.

Mosquito Thermal Fogging in Bavdhan

Don’t wait for the PMC people to come and do mosquito fogging in your society, call us for Thermal Mosquito Fogging in Bavdhan. Dengue cases are is rising in Bavdhan, don’t take any chances! get your society premises treated with Anti-Mosquito fogging. Suitable for Housing Societies, Real Estate sites, Labour Camps, Bungalow Societies, Commercial Complexes, Educational Institutes, etc.

A Ruin Littered with Garbage in Bavdhan

“Breeding Ground for Mosquitoes in Bavdhan” – A Ruin Littered with Garbage in Bavdhan Pune. Courtesy Pune Mirror Dated 21st Aug 2022.

A open plot in Bavdhan littered with Garbage

“Breeding Ground for Mosquitoes in Bavdhan” – Unattended garbage in an open plot in Bavdhan. Courtesy Pune Mirror Dated 21st Aug 2022.


Honest Pest Control Services in Bavdhan- No Sales Talks and No False Claims

Before we undertake the pest control activity, we brief our customers about the solutions used in the treatment, the duration of the treatment, what results to expect, how long the results would last, etc, precautions and safety measures to be taken, etc. Our estimates won’t vary more than 10%, so the results are as promised.


Take Pest Control Seriously

Though not reported from the Bavdhan area, there have been quite a few deaths in the city resulting from improper and unscientific pest control treatments. That is why you have to take pest control seriously. Don’t hire just any pest control service provider, go for the service provider who gives priority to safety.

Why Balaji Herbal

“We Spray Pesticides/Insecticides not POISON”. We have over 15 years of experience in the Pest Control Industry. Over the years we have done pest control treatment in hundreds of homes, commercial spaces, housing societies, hotels/restaurants, schools/colleges, real estate sites, offices, shops, etc – not just in Bavdhan but all over the city. We are a LICENSED Pest Control Service Provider in Pune & Bavdhan, approved by the Competent Government Authorities. We use all approved solutions made by companies like Bayer, pls check the list of solutions we use, learn more.

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