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Mosquito Control Treatment :

 Mosquitoes are usually found in the most arid regions .It commonly peaks during and after rainy season .  They are mostly found where water gets accumulated.

A mosquito enters into house from any open area in a house or a building like Windows , doors , balcony  etc ..

A  mosquito can cause annoyance , leaving itching , bite marks and can keep you awake of whole night …

 Mosquitoes are also responsible for transmitting a range of fatal diseases like Malaria , Dengue and Chikungunya etc …

  Treatment :

  1) Space Spraying : It includes spraying of larvicide and adulticide where water bodies (ponds) accumulated.

 2)  Mosquito – Repellent Spraying.

 3)  Thermal fogging.

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The risk of mosquito-borne diseases is high, especially in the humid regions. Mosquito’s are harmful and they are responsible for several human deaths each year by spreading various dangerous diseases. We at Citi Pest Control in Koregaon Park understand the habits of every mosquito species and also have a range of herbal solutions to deal with mosquito’s.

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