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Balaji Herbal will protect your home and business areas of pest control in Kothrud

Bird Control Management – The birds enter through windows, door, utility openings, and exhaust electrical openings. They are always in search of food and shelter. Usually, they’ll invade your property on finding basic necessity to help them survive. We at Citi Pest Control in Kothrud, Warje, Viman Nagar, Pimpri, katraj, Hadapsar and all over Pune offer reliable, effective and safe bird control management service to the residential and commercial buildings to ensure safety and hazard free environment. So to control their invasion, the Citi Pest Control in Kothrud, Pune offer a necessary control majors and prevent the hazardous damage to the property.

We at Citi Pest Control in Kothrud offer bird control management to the corporate and residential properties ensuring the complete eradication of birds causing damage. Our control measures include nests, control wires and bird repellent to offer hazard free environment ensuring complete safety of your premises.

Treatment :

To prevent the bird invasion it is necessary to eliminate by pest control or reduce standing water and areas which can feed the pest birds. To eliminate them completely make sure you never feed the pest birds as they will keep on invading in search of food. Citi Pest control in Kothrud is the best solution on bird control.

There are several products offered in the market to gain control over the bird infestation. Here are some of them listed below:-

Netting – Nylon netting can close off the area to birds, which are attracted to the area for roosting.
Spikes – Placing spiky wires where birds land or roost will keep them off the area.
Repellent – Sticky, non-toxic repellents can be placed to discourage birds from landing and roosting.

Benefits :
No need to vacate the premises, during/after services.
A complete odorless, hassle-free and safe solution for elders, kids, pets and allergetic persons.
No need to close the house.
100% Relief from cockroaches.
There are also supplementary treatments for cockroaches at Citi pest control in Hadapsar wherever there is heavy infestation for instant results as below

Organic powder dusting in the kitchen – No smell – No need to keep close – Instant result.
Organic Spray :- No smell – No need to close – Instant result.

Benefits :
No smell, No cleaning after treatment.
No displacement of utensils or goods in the house.
A complete odorless, hassle free and 100% relief.
Safe treatment for elders, kids, pets and allergetic person.

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Bird control cannot be handled by an individual or it may lead to an unhandled process. They can become aggressive and attack, especially during their breeding season. So, to control them efficiently it is necessary to be handled by the experts. We at Citi Pest Control in Kothrud offer bird control management to the corporate and residential properties.

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