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100% Safe and Reliable

We use Herbal ingredients in all Commercial Pest control solutions that are safe for pets as well as humans. No harsh chemicals, No smell, No side-effects. Exterminates only pests.

We are the BEST in Commercial Pest Control

That's why Commercial & Business Centers in Pune hire us for their Pest Control needs. Certified Agency, Trained & Professional Staff. No compromise on Safety & Quality.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

We care about the environment and stand for good health by using biodegradable ingredients in our Commercial Pest control solutions. Our pest control solutions do not harm environment.

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Commercial Pest Control Services in Pune

Balaji Herbal provides organic pest control services to Commercial / Business premises, educational institutes, shops and offices in Pune. We have been providing effective herbal pest control services to hotels, restaurants, bakeries, sweet-marts, sweetshops, shopping malls, cinema halls, Government and Semi-Government offices, schools / colleges, coaching classes, technical institutes, grocery shops and godowns, grain storage facilities, milk dairies etc.


Balaji Herbal Pune’s Pest Control Services for commercial premises effectively remove all types pests including Cockroaches, Ants, Lizards, Rodents, Bird fleas etc. Commercial properties need to take preventive measures to stop pest infestation and cannot afford to act after an infestation has already occurred. Given our pest control expertise and experience we know which areas of your properties are susceptible to infestations of various pests. We carry out relevant Pest Control regimens to make sure pests do not breed in your commercial space.

Biorational Ingredients

At BalajiHerbal.com we are committed towards the safety and wellbeing of the residents and also towards the conservation of the environment. Our Commercial Pest Control solutions are formulated using Biorational ingredients which are environmentally sustainable and cause no harm to it.


Our Expertise in Commercial Pest Control Services

Balaji Herbal has been providing organic pest control services since 2006. Given our vast experience we are well versed with the pest infestations that commercial spaces are prone to. Commercial pest control differs from Residential pest control in many ways. The biggest difference [and challenge] is the area to be disinfected. Commercial properties are large and require more resources for an effective pest control. Balaji Herbal is equipped with all the equipment and resources required to disinfect large commercial spaces. Also Commercial spaces need to be disinfected more frequently compared to residential spaces.

Pest Control for Restaurants and Hotels

Cockroaches, ants and other bugs crawling in your hotel or restaurant gives your business a bad name. A hotel or restaurant with pests is immediately tagged as “unhygienic” and once the Brand image is tarnished, it is difficult to gain the confidence of the customers. Rely only on Balaji Herbal for effective and safe pest control services to your Hotels or Restaurants in or around Pune.

Schools, Colleges and Educational Institutes

Termites can cause irrevocable damage to the assets of Schools, Colleges and Educational Institutes. Termites destroy papers, documents and wooden furniture and the infestation spreads at a very rapid rate which becomes difficult to control. Don’t wait for the Termite and other Pests to occur, strike them pre-emptively.

Pest Control AMC Contract

Depending upon the property type, Balaji Herbal offers convenient, customized and hassle-free Annual Maintenance Services [AMC Contract] for Commercial spaces.

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“We hired the Pest Control Services of Balaji Herbal and we are quite satisfied with the quality of work. We had a lot of bed-bugs and the infestation was spreading quickly from one room to another. Almost all the furniture and fixtures in our flat were getting encroached and no household solution worked. I was recommended Balaji Herbal by a friend, upon contacting them, they came promptly and inspected our home. They immediately carried out the anti-bed-bug treatment, since then the bed bugs have just vanished. I would recommend Balaji Herbal for bed-bug pest control.”

Mr. Lohakare

Gultekdi, Pune

“We are a Furniture manufacturer and wholesaler based in Kondhwa, Pune. Wood is the food of the termites, so we wanted to do an inspection for Termite Infestation in our Warehouse. We knew that a regular Termite-Control agency would not be competent enough to cover a large area, we needed an agency which does Pest-control for Termites on an industrial scale. We searched online and scrutinized many agencies. We found Balaji Herbal fit for the job, they had all the machinery, the manpower and the right solution to be sprayed. But above all, Balaji Herbal has the right experience of conducting large-scale anti-termite pest control. As expected they did a splendid job and they are our trusted pest control service provider.”

Mr. Agarwal

Kondhwa, Pune

“We were having a big menace of cockroaches in our Housing Society in Dhayari, Pune – especially in the first floor flats. Considering the fact that there are a lot of elderly people in our society we wanted a SAFE pest control solution. After some research we discovered Balaji Herbal and they had the right non-chemical HERBAL solution we were looking for. They carried out the anti-cockroach treatment and the cockroaches are now completely gone. To keep the cockroaches at bay we have signed AMC with Balaji Herbal.”

Mr. Kulkarni

Dhayari, Pune

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