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Rodent Management Services :

    The term Rodent implies  to Rats , Mice And Bandicoots .

 Rodents are able to invade through small holes  as narrow as  half an inch in diameter .

  Rodents are capable of climbing , swimming , jumping , digging, running fast so they infiltrate the man made buildings and gain the access easily .


 They can also cause damage to the property and contaminate the food sources and grain storages .

 Rodents keep seeking food and shelter . So since houses and grain  storage areas have plenty of food and area for shelter rodents try to get access to the same facility .


     In addition to this they can spread harmful and deadly diseases to humans and pets including Hantavirus ,Leptospirosis , Tularemia &  Salmonella , Plague . Wild rodents may cause damage by chewing through wiring in houses , offices, cars ,huge and costly machinerys in hospitals and industry in Gardens , farms.


    Treatment :

  1)  The best way to deal with unwanted rodents is to seal the possible entrances such as sewage pipes , drainage air duct   and other gaps / holes in the buildings, homes , warehouses etc .

 2)  Organic repellent spraying .

3) Baiting  and Trapping

 4)  Burrow fumigation.


   Above are 100 % safe and reliable treatments for rodent control provided by citi pest control services .

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We at Citi Pest Control in Katraj offer rodent control services for your better environment. Our team of experts is well-trained and use advanced rodent control techniques to eliminate them and providing effective, safe and reliable herbal treatment for rodent control.

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