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Pest Control Services in Warje Pune

We use Herbal ingredients in all Pest-control solutions that are safe for pets as well as humans. No harsh chemicals, No smell, No side-effects. Exterminates only pests.

We are the BEST in WARJE

Get rid of all types of pests from your Apartment, Shop, Bungalow, Workshop, Offices and all types of properties. Warje's Trusted Pest Control Agency.

Herbal Pest Control Services in Warje Pune

Herbal Pest Control Solutions for Apartments, Housing Societies, Shops, Commercial Complexes, Hotels, Restaurants etc. in Warje

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Pest Control Services in WARJE

One Stop Shop for Total Pest Control in Warje. Our Herbal Pest Control Services exterminate cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, mosquitoes, etc. From Urit Nagar to Vitthal Nagar and Atul Nagar to Tapodham, the entire Warje suburb is covered.


About Pest Control in Warje

Balaji Herbal’s main office is located in Warje, Pune in the Runwal Arcade. Located strategically on the Mumbai-Bangalore highway and with a population of approximately 120000, Warje is an essential suburb of the Pune city. Warje is well connected with the other major suburbs of the Pune city like Kothrud, Bavdhan, Shivane, Nanded etc. This makes Warje an important residential and business hub in the western part of the Pune city. And we are pleased to offer our services to this vital suburb.

Cockroach Management

Cockroach Pest Control in Warje Malwadi

Cockroaches are bad for your business & they also spread diseases.

Cockroach Management

Mosquito Fogging Services in Warje

Exterminate mosquitoes and protect your family.

Ant Pest Control in Pune

Ant Pest Control in Warje Pune

Ants are a sign of an unhygienic place and give out a bad impression

Cockroach Management

Bed Bug Pest Control in Warje

Stop Bed Bugs in their tracks. Prevent Bedbug infestation.

Cockroach Management

Termite Control in Warje

Termites feed on your furniture & spread rapidly.

Cockroach Management

Home Disinfection in Warje

Get rid of all types of pests with our General Disinfection Treatment.

Tejovalay Society Warje Cockroach Pest Control

Recent Pest Control Activities in Warje

Photos of the recent Cockroach & Ant Pest Control done in Tejovalay Society Warje, Pune. Cockroaches are dormant in winter but become active in summer time. They come in your home in search of food and shelter. Stop them in their tracks before it is too late. Our gel formula works instantly. No fumigation or spraying needed. No need to vacate your home or move stuff out. Hassle-free, Convenient and Cockroach Pest Control that Works!

Tejovalay Society Warje Cockroach Gel Application
Tejovalay Society Warje Cockroach & Ant Pest Control
Pest Control done in Tejovalay Soc Warje Pune
Ant Pest Control in Tejovalay Soc Warje Pune

Pest Control Gel applied to the Kitchen Trolley. location – TEJOVALAY Society Warje

Pest Control Services in Warje
Pest Control Gel applied to Kitchen
Kitchen Trolley Pest Control

Pest Control in Ovalnest Society Warje

Household Pest Control was done on 10th August 2022 in a 2-BHK flat in Ovalnest Society Warje. Since there is food in the kitchen, it is prone to high pest activity. The pest control gel repels pests and kills pests that come in contact with it. The pesticide used is Herbal Gel and Responsar (Betacyfluthrin – 2.45 % SC). Responsar is a Insecticide used for General Pest Disinfestation which is effective against Mosquitoes, Spiders, Lizards, Moths, Ants etc.

Our Pest Control Services in Warje

Cockroach Pest control in Warje – Our revolutionary proprietary Cockroach treatment method works on cockroaches that have developed resistance! Cockroach extermination guaranteed! Cockroaches are unhygienic and bad for business too, Call Balaji Herbal today for GUARANTEED Cockroach Pest Control Services in Warje, Pune.

Bed Bug Treatment in Warje – These nasty crawling pests suck your blood and make you and your loved ones sick. Bed Bug infestation spread lightning fast! Hire the expert Bed Bug Inspection Treatment in Warje, Pune.

Termite Treatment in Warje – Termites feed on wood, according to one statistic – a single termite would take 3144 years to eat a 1000 sq. ft of wood. But Termites are a social pest and a typical colony can have as many as 15000000 termites! An unattended Termite Infestation can cost you hundreds of thousands of rupees. Call us for Termite Pest Control in Warje, Pune!

Mosquito Control in WarjeWarje is vulnerable to mosquito infestation and every year hundreds of people get infected by mosquito-borne diseases. Don’t wait for the PMC authorities to disinfect your locality. Call Balaji Herbal for Mosquito Fogging and Pest Control Services in Warje, Pune.


Localities in Warje where Balaji Herbal has provided Pest Control Services

Since Balaji Herbal is based in Warje Pune, we have provided and continue to provide our Herbal Pest Control Services in the following localities of Warje:

  • Atul Nagar
  • Rahul Park
  • Aditya Garden City
  • Sai Sayaji Nagar
  • Sahajanand Society Part 2
  • Renuka Nagar
  • Motiram Nagar
  • Urit Nagar
  • Popular Nagar
  • West Winds
  • Sahyog Nagar
  • Trimurti Society
  • Vitthal Nagar


And we not only provide our Pest Control Services to housing societies in Warje but also to the Commercial Complexes such as:

  • Runwal Arcade
  • Ikon Wall Street 24
  • KJ Towers
  • R Cube


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