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House Fly Control Treatment:


     Flies can involve through any open medium like doors , windows , balconies into the house . They are probably finding place to settle down which can cause several hygienic and health problems.

A  housefly transmitts various  harmful diseases like Tuberculosis , Cholera , Dysentery and  Salmonella .

 There is high rise of transmission of diseases through flies .


 Treatment :


1) To control the Flies infection it is very necessary to take proper hygiene and sanitation measures to keep your surrounding clean .

 2) The main goal is sanitation is to eradicate the medium where Larve of flies will develop.  {Spraying of Larvicide }

3) It is also important to keep your surrounding clean from Garbage and  animal waste in order to keep away adult flies. { Spraying if decomposer and adulticide }

4)  Flies control treatment includes  Anti maggots ,  Baiting in sugar , Space spraying and  Foggins etc .

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Citi Pest Control in Warje offers flies control treatment to eradicate flies infestation and protect you by creating a hazard free environment. Our herbal treatment includes Anti-maggots, Baiting, Trappina, and the Space spraying fogging which is 100% safe for the health. Citi pest control in Warje, Pune has experts will protect you from the flies and offer you a safe, clean, effective and reliable solution for flies.

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