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100% Safe and Reliable

We use Herbal ingredients in all Pest-control solutions that are safe for pets as well as humans. No harsh chemicals, No smell, No side-effects. Exterminates only pests.

We are the BEST in Pest Control

That's why Businesses & Housing Societies in Pune hire us for their Pest Control needs. Certified Agency, Trained & Professional Staff. No compromise on Safety & Quality.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

We care about the environment and stand for good health by using biodegradable ingredients in our Pest control solutions. Our pest control solutions do not harm environment.

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No side-effects, Non-Toxic, No displacement of stuff & utensils, no need to close your house or vacate it. Balaji Herbal’s Pest Gel kills all types of Pests. Our Herbal Pest Control Gel is super effective and begins to show results in 6 hours.

About Balaji Herbal Pest Control Services in Pune

Founded in 2006 on the principles of providing safe and quality Herbal pest control services in Pune, Balaji Herbal has rid hundreds of premises of pests, in and around Pune in the last 15 years. We bring an innovative and ground-breaking approach to the Pest Control Service industry. We use Biorational Pesticides that cause NO harm to humans, animals, and the environment.

Over the past 15 years Balaji Herbal has emerged as the “Go For” Pest control Service Providers in Pune for a wide range of clients that include Housing Societies, Commercial Business Hubs, Manufacturing Units, Engineering Units, Pharma Industries, Hotels, Restaurants, Food Processing Plants, Dairy & Poultry Farms, Warehouses, Shopping Malls, Cinema Halls/Auditoriums, IT Company Office, Schools & Coaching Centres, Hospitals & Clinics. We started as a local pest control service provider in Warje Area and have rapidly expanded our services to cover the entire Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad areas.

Complete Solutions for all types of PESTS. We offer extermination services for all types of pests – Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Mosquitoes, Ants, Rodents, Birds, Termites, Flies & Snakes.

Our Herbal Pest Control Services in Pune

We Provide Herbal & Organic Pest control services to House-Hold, Ccommercial, and Industrial premises to whole Pune City & Pimpri-Chinchwad Area by our trained technicians.
Cockroach Management

Herbal Cockroach Pest Control

Cockroaches are bad for your business & they also spread diseases. Protect your family & Brand name.

Cockroach Management

Herbal Bed Bug Control

Once they are in they are hard to get rid of. Stop Bed Bugs in their tracks. Prevent Bedbug infestation.

Cockroach Management

Herbal Ant Pest Control

Ants are bad for your Business & Brand Image. Rid your commercial and residential properties of ants.

Cockroach Management

Termite Control Treatment

Termites feed on your furniture & spread rapidly, once infested Termites can cost you an enormous amount of money.

Cockroach Management

Herbal Fleas & Ticks Control

They suck blood. Often your pets get infested with Fleas & Ticks causing them great suffering.
Cockroach Management

Herbal Mosquito Control

They spread deadly diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, etc. Exterminate mosquitoes and protect your family.
Cockroach Management

Flies Control Services | Pest Control for Flies

Got a lot of flies? Flies are bad for business. They too can be potentially hazardous to humans. Stop their spread.

Cockroach Management

Snake Pest Control Services in Pune

Venomous snakes can be fatal. Keep your property safe, rid it of all types of snakes.

Cockroach Management

Bird Control Management in Pune

Pigeons are hazardous and can cause a lot of diseases and allergies. Our Anti-Bird Repellent Spray keeps birds away.
Cockroach Management

Home Disinfection Services Pune

Get rid of all types of household pests with our General Pest Disinfestation Treatment.
Cockroach Management

Industrial Pest Control

Pests at your Industrial unit can be hazardous to your employees. They can also damage your Machinery and other valuable assets.

Cockroach Management

Commercial Pest Control

Pests can wreak havoc on your business and damage your reputation. Protect your Business with our tried and tested Pest Control Services.

Cockroach Management

Residential Pest Control

Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Rodents, Termites, and Mosquitoes are bad for your health. Exterminate them safely.
Cockroach Management

Pest Inspection Services

Got a new property? get it inspected by the Expert Pest Control Agency. Keep your assets and resources safe.
Cockroach Management

Rat Pest Control in Pune

Rats & Mice can ruin your business and damage your Brand identity. Stop them before they wreak havoc.

Mosquito Fogging Services in Katraj

Mosquito Fogging Services in Katraj

Mosquito Fogging Services in KATRAJ Pune Mosquito Menace in Katraj Katraj has come into focus for a "not so good" reason - Dengue & Chikungunya. Yes, Pune city has reported a sharp increase in the Dengue/Chikungunya cases in the current 2022 monsoon season and the...

Why is Balaji Herbal the BEST Pest Control Service Provider in Pune?

“We don’t proclaim we are the BEST, it is our client’s testimonials that attest to the fact that we are the BEST PEST CONTROL SERVICE PROVIDER in PUNE“. The key USPs that make us the best pest control agency in Pune are:

  • Sound Understanding of the Pest Anatomy
  • Proprietary Scientific Formulation of Pest Control Solutions
  • Tried and Tested Pest Control Methodology
  • Stringent Quality Control
  • Rigorous Testing of New Formulas
  • Our Pest Control Services are Safe for Pets, Humans, and Environment
  • Continuous improvement in pest control solutions to overcome resistance developed by pests
  • Guaranteed Pest Extermination


If you are looking for a trusted licensed “Herbal” Pest Control Service provider in Pune to cater to all your Pest Control needs, then “Balaji Herbal” is at your service. We provide eco-friendly pest control services across entire Pune / PCMC Area. Our services include all types of pest removal – cockroaches, bedbugs, termites, mosquitoes, fleas and ticks, flies, etc and general disinfection. We are competent enough to provide Pest control for Industrial Premises, Housing Societies, Commercial Complexes, etc. We stringently follow all the guidelines of the pest control industry and adhere to the regulations enforced by the Government and the PMC. Our specially trained professionals cater to the specific requirements of our customers and guarantee to keep your premises free of pests.


What is “General Disinfection”?

Balaji Herbal’s General disinfection is perfect for flats, bungalows, row houses, etc, this treatment keeps away all the pests and inhibits their growth. A form of decontamination, General Disinfection can be defined as the process of employing physical or chemical methods to inactivate or destroy pathogenic microorganisms on a surface. It includes the spraying of insecticide, germicide, viricide, fungicide, and algaecide to gain control of black and red ants, spiders, fungus, fleas, beetles, lizards, silverfish, mosquitoes, termites, etc.

What is the benefit of Herbal Pest Control?

As a responsible Pest Control Service Provider in Pune we are aware of the fact that chemical-based pest control methods are harmful and damaging to humans, pets, and the environment, and using chemical-based pest control solutions for a longer duration can trigger serious health concerns. On the other hand, Herbal Pest Control has no side-effects, keeps cockroaches away, and is obtained from ingredients that are natural and eco-friendly. Herbal Pest Control reduces the pest population, without causing harm to the non-directed occupants of the area. It has no adverse effect on the health of humans and pets and is less damaging to the environment. Herbal Pest Control can be safely and effectively used in areas used by pets, children, or patients. Made with natural ingredients, herbal pest control products are eco-friendly, decomposing completely in the environment without leaving behind residue.

How long will the Pest Control results last?

Herbal pest control methods deliver fast and long-lasting results that are healthy in nature. This method displays its effectiveness in 3-4 months of application.

Are there any side-effects of Herbal Pest Control?

There are no side-effects of using Herbal Pest Control. This method is safe to use and is non-toxic.

Do you Spray or Use Gel?

Depending on the type of treatment required, both sprays and gels are used.

Does the Herbal Treatment have a smell?

No, herbal pest treatments do not have an odour.

I have a patient in my house, should I go for Herbal Pest Control?

Yes, Herbal Pest Control can be safely and effectively used in the presence of a patient.

How often should I do the Herbal Pest Control?

4 Consecutive Months + 2 Check-ups (6 Months and 8 Months from the First Service)

Do you Offer AMC? What is covered in AMC?

Yes, we offer AMC and cover your whole premises, helping you get rid of all household pests such as cockroaches, ants, lizards, spiders, mosquitoes, etc.

Are your Services Approved by Competent Authority?

We are a Government Authorised Company and our organic pesticides are approved by WHO (World health organization), FDA (Food and drug administration) & NVBDCP, and other IPM components.

What is the process of Herbal Pest Control?

    • Cockroach Management – Gel is applied in areas that cockroaches infest such as kitchen storages, trolleys, cupboard, crockery racks, crevices, appliances etc. Also, herbal solution sprays are used to accomplish speedy control of the adult population of cockroaches on your premises.
    • Bed Bug Management – Comprehensive eradication of bedbugs from your home using: (1) Heating method, (2) Fumigation method and (3) Herbal / Organic spraying method.
    • Termite Treatment
      • 1. Pre-Construction Anti -Termite-Treatment: This includes the treatment of soil that is in contact with the foundation and structure of the building/construction. The soil is treated with termiticide to create a chemical barrier against the sub-terrain termite which prevents the entry of termites into the building structures. It also includes 3 stages:
        • Stage 1: Treatment after excavation of plot soil at the time of footing before column/plinth construction
        • Stage 2:- External perimeter after column/plinth construction
        • Stage 3:- Under-slab i.e. the top surface on plinth filling
      • 2. Post construction Anti- Termite Treatment: This covers the drilling of holes in the wall and floor junction of your house and termiticide solution is injected thereby creating an obstruction against termites. The holes are then sealed subsequently.


Mosquito Control Treatment includes:

  • Space Spraying: Spraying of larvicide and adulticide where water bodies (ponds) accumulate
  • Mosquito – Repellent Spraying
  • Thermal fogging


General Disinfection Treatment

It includes the spraying of insecticide, germicide, viricide, fungicide, and algaecide to help in the control of black and red ants, spiders, fungus, fleas, beetles, lizards, silverfish, mosquitoes, termites, etc.

Flies Control

  • Spraying of Larvicide to eradicate the medium where larvae of flies develop.
  • Spraying of decomposer and adulticide
  • Flies control treatment includes anti-maggots, baiting in sugar, space spraying and fogging, etc.


Rodent management

Sealing all possible entrances such as sewage pipes, drainages, air ducts, and other gaps/holes in the buildings, homes, warehouses, etc.

  • Organic repellent spraying
  • Baiting and Trapping
  • Burrow fumigation


Snake Management

Snake repellent powder/granules/sprinkles and spray are applied to ensure the safe removal and prevention of snakes.
A non-lethal chemical that acts as a repellent is applied on the surface and periphery of structures such as household and commercial spaces, warm storage units, and factories to create a barrier to prevent entry.

How much time does it take to complete the treatment in a 2 BHK Flat?

Preventative treatments usually take a shorter amount of time, about 15 to 30 minutes, while elimination and exterminations can take up to a day.


“We hired the Pest Control Services of Balaji Herbal and we are quite satisfied with the quality of work. We had a lot of bed bugs and the infestation was spreading quickly from one room to another. Almost all the furniture and fixtures in our flat were getting encroached and no household solution worked. I was recommended Balaji Herbal by a friend, upon contacting them, they came promptly and inspected our home. They immediately carried out the anti-bed-bug treatment, and since then the bed bugs have just vanished. I would recommend Balaji Herbal for bed-bug pest control.”
Mr. Lohakare

Gultekdi, Pune

“We are a Furniture manufacturer and wholesaler based in Kondhwa, Pune. Wood is the food of the termites, so we wanted to do an inspection for Termite Infestation in our Warehouse. We knew that a regular Termite-Control agency would not be competent enough to cover a large area, so we needed an agency that does Pest-control for Termites on an industrial scale. We searched online and scrutinized many agencies. We found Balaji Herbal fit for the job, they had all the machinery, the manpower and the right solution to be sprayed. But above all, Balaji Herbal has the right experience in conducting large-scale anti-termite pest control. As expected they did a splendid job and they are our trusted pest control service provider.”
Mr. Agarwal

Kondhwa, Pune

“We were having a big menace of cockroaches in our Housing Society in Dhayari, Pune – especially in the first-floor flats. Considering the fact that there are a lot of elderly people in our society we wanted a SAFE pest control solution. After some research, we discovered Balaji Herbal and they had the right non-chemical HERBAL solution we were looking for. They carried out the anti-cockroach treatment and the cockroaches are now completely gone. To keep the cockroaches at bay we have signed AMC with Balaji Herbal.”
Mr. Kulkarni

Dhayari, Pune

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