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Snake Management Services :


  We apply snake repellent Powder / Granules / Sprinkle and Spray to ensure safety removal and preventation of snake.

 Infestation from outdoor, indoor ,home ,farm house, hgarden, godowns, warehouses, etc .


     We use a non- lithal chemical which acts as a ‘ REPELLENT ‘  when applied on surface and periphery of structures.

 [ House – hold and commercial spaces, warm storage units ,  factories  ] Creating barrier to prevent entry .

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Sanitation and exclusion through sealing all the possible entry points are the best ways of preventing cockroach infestation. Generally, cockroaches enter into the house through sewage pipes, drainage, holes or cracks, and air duct vents. So to get rid of cockroaches, it is very important to conduct a cockroach management treatment with Citi pest control in Hadapsar.

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