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Termites are the most destructive pest in the world. It can destroy total building construction structure. Termites enters through the soil beneath the structur of the building.  It can enter through a tiny gap (1/60 th inch) in the building .

Dark ,dump and moist soil rich in organic matters like wood barks, papers starch and cellulose provides an ideal environment to the termite.

Termites are group of insects that lives in the colonies and mostly feed on the dead plant materials ,having the ability to digest cellulose .

It cab be provide at two stages as blow

I) Pre-Construstion Anti -Termite-Treatment :-

It includes the soil treatment which in contact with the foundation and floor struture of a building /construstion.

The soil is treated with termipicide to provide a chemical barrier against the sub-terrion termite which prevents the entry of termites in to building structure.

It also incudes 3 stages as below :-

Stage 1 :- Treatment after ex-cavation of plot soil at the time of footing before column/plinth construction.

Stage 2:- External perimeter after column/plinth constrution.

stage 3:- under slab i.e. the top surface on plinth filling.


II) Post construction Anti- termite Treatment :-

It includes drilling the holes at wall and floor junctuion of house, building at suitable distance and termiticide solution is Injected under pressure to create a barrier against termite. The holes on suitable sealed subsequently.

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A termite lives in the form of colonies under the ground and could also be present before you construct your house. They are really very destructive and over the period of time they can be found dangerous to cause damage to your wooden furniture in the house. The best service termite control offered by Citi pest control in Viman Nagar.

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