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We use Herbal ingredients in all Flies Pest Control solutions that are safe for pets as well as humans. No harsh chemicals, No smell, No side-effects. Exterminates only Flies and other pests.

We are the BEST for Flies Pest Control in Pune & PCMC

Licensed Pest Control in Pune, Trained & Professional Staff. No compromise on Safety & Quality. Guaranteed Extermination of Flies.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

We care about the environment and stand for good health by using biodegradable ingredients in our Flies pest control solutions. Our pest control solutions do not harm environment.

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Pest Control for Flies | Fly Control Services in Pune


Balaji Herbal offers Flies Control Services in Pune. Our customized Flies control services are well suited for Apartments, Housing Societies, Hotels & Restaurants, Commercial Spaces etc.


Flies are unhygienic and bad for business. Flies are unpleasant and unwelcome. They hover over food and fly into the faces of people causing major embarrassment to the hosts. Besides flies carry bacteria that cause diseases like Typhoid, Cholera, Dysentery, Diarrhoea etc. And the threat posed by the flies is much more serious than you think, as new research shows that flies are not only evolving but new species have also been discovered.


As a disciplined citizen of the city you keep your surroundings clean and neat but you cannot expect all the members of the community to be as aware and well-disciplined as you are. You may have to suffer for their negligence, disinfect your property and surrounding with Balaji Herbal’s Pest Control for Flies.


The situation gets even worse as flies feast on faeces, decaying produce, rotten food / meat etc which are breeding ground for all sorts of pathogens and bacteria. These flies bring disease causing germs in your food chain and can make you and your loved ones sick. You employ home remedies to get rid of flies, “Prevention is Better than Cure” policy does work but to an extent. To effectively control the infestation of the flies you need professional pest control services. Balaji Herbal Pest Control Pune provides safe, effective and guaranteed Flies Pest Control services.


Flies Control for Hotels & Restaurants

Flies tarnish the brand image of Hotels & Restaurants. You don’t want flies hovering on the food that is served to your guests. These flies originate in filth such as excrement and rotten garbage. Flies bring this filth directly in contact with the food, which can make you and your guests sick. Hoteliers too have to deal with the issue of flies, you don’t want flies hovering on the reception counter, or rooms and dining area. Mere sight of a fly can give your hotel a bad name. Balaji Herbal is well versed with the pest issues faced by restaurants and hotel. That is why hotels and restaurants in Pune rely on our tried-and-tested Pest Control services.


Flies Control for Food Industry

Food processing plants like Diary farms, Food packaging units, Sugar Godowns etc are particularly vulnerable to flies infestation. There is a danger of food contamination. The flies can leave excrement and vomit on the plant’s machinery & equipment and other surfaces. This makes Flies Control treatment indispensable for Food Processing & Storage facilities. Balaji Herbal possess the requisite knowledge, expertise, skills & competency to provide Flies & other Pest Control Services on Industrial scale. Our pest control experts are well versed with the Biology of flies, their behaviour pattern and life-cycle. We implement a multi-pronged strategy to counter the menace of flies, this includes Spraying, Fly Bait Station and Fly traps.

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