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Cockroach Management Services

Genrally Cockroaches enters into the house through sewage pipes ,drainage ,air duet vents.

Generrally four species of Cockroaches are found is.

German American,Oriental,Brocon-Banded etc.

Cockroaches are mechanical & biological vectors of diseses like cholera ,Typhoid,Dysentry,

pneumonia etc.

It also shows bad impression of hygene and disgusting in the house.



Treatment Mode

1) Harbal Jel :- we developed the product by the name”Herbal Jel”

Fipronil-0.05% w/w which is revolutionary formulation developed

mainly keeping in the view of cockroach biology,behaviour and safety

of the people & environment.


our expert team will apply this jet at the sensitive areas such as kitechen

storages ,cracks,hiding place,appliances etc.




i) No displacement of utenils i.e.you will not even need to empty the

cabinates & storages.

ii) you won’t even need to leave the house or close the home during /after treatment.

iii) The Premises Area will be 100% free from cockroaches for longer time .



2) Organic Spraying for Cockroaches:-

It includes spraying of Organic /Harbal spraying to achieve immediate control of

adult population of cockroaches in the house.


Benifits :-

i) Immediate control of cockroaches.

ii) No smell ,No need to close home.

iii) safe for humanbeing kids.

Herbal Jel treatment for cockroaches 1

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Sanitation and exclusion through sealing all the possible entry points are the best ways of preventing cockroach infestation. Generally, cockroaches enter into the house through sewage pipes, drainage, holes or cracks, and air duct vents. So to get rid of cockroaches, it is very important to conduct a cockroach management treatment with Citi pest control in Hadapsar.

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