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Bedbugs generally entres in to the house by luggage or other things infected by bed bugs.

Bedbugs are  parasites that feed on human blood and can extreme itching and nights without sleep.

Bedbugs are also responsible for diseses like hepatitis A.b. and yellow fever .

Infestion mainly occurs in bedroom and rapidly spread furniture corners, mattresses ,pillows,mats,curtains sofa cushions ,electric fitting etc.


Bed bugs are one of the most objectionable pests and are most difficult to eradicate them. The prime key to deal with bed bugs is to be aware and quickly take on action on its discovery.

Our bed bugs management services provide complete eradication of bedbugs from house / premises.

(1) Heating method.

(2) Fumigation method.

(3) Herbal  / Organic spraying method.


i)  A complete odourless & hassle free treatment

ii) 100% refiet from bed bugs.

iii) Safe treatment for elders,kids,pets and allergetic persons.

Bed Bug Tretment  1
Bed Bug Tretment 2

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Citi Pest Control offers pest control in Pimpri with a call to action service to deal and eradicate the bed bug infestation in the home and other facilities. We provide fast, effective and reliable service that offers a high level of safety with herbal treatment that ensures complete safety of your family and pets. So, feel free to contact our experts to help you in dealing with the bed bug problem.

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