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Mosquito Fogging Services in KATRAJ Pune

Mosquito Menace in Katraj

Katraj has come into focus for a “not so good” reason – Dengue & Chikungunya. Yes, Pune city has reported a sharp increase in the Dengue/Chikungunya cases in the current 2022 monsoon season and the Katraj suburb is at the top of the list.


Apart from the negligence of the Housing Societies and the concerned PMC dept, Katraj Lake is the culprit of rising Dengue, Malaria, and Chikungunya cases. According to recent news, over 700 societies in Pune & Katraj have been issued notices by the PMC for negligence that has contributed to the rising of Dengue & Chikungunya cases.


What Can You Do?

As a responsible citizen of the Katraj you can begin the Anti-Mosquito drive from your home. Just follow these common practices that can prevent the spread of these deadly mosquito-borne diseases. Stagnant water is the ideal place where mosquitoes lay their eggs. The stagnant water need not be of a lake or swamp, the water getting collected in a small plate can also breed mosquitoes. So watch-out for such places in your house, premises or housing society or commercial space where water gets accumulated.

  • Fill the “Pick-Holes” of the Drainage lid with sand
  • Spray used automobile oil in ducts and on water accumulated in the gutters
  • See that water does not get accumulated in your society premises
  • Ask all the members to check the plates placed below the plantpots
  • Check the areas less often visited like the terrace of the building
  • Clean your premises of any objects [such as food containers, bottles, bottle caps, etc] where water can accumulate
  • Check Garbage Can lids
  • Check the terraces of other structures in your premises such as security cabin, Generator room, Compost facility etc.
  • Check the flowerbed and clean them thoroughly
  • Check the gutters and water channels and clean them to make sure water drains easily Hire Professional Mosquito Fogging Services.


About Us

Balaji Herbal is a reputed Pest Control Service Provider in Katraj and we work hard to keep the Katraj community pest-free. Over the years we have been instrumental in providing safe and reliable pest control services for the Katraj Community. Do you have Mosquito problem in your society or locality, then just give us a call for mosquito fogging service, don’t wait for the PMC officials to issue you a notice!


Mosquito Fogging done in Windsor County Society in Ambegaon near Katraj

Thermal Mosquito Fogging Done in Windsor County in Ambegaon near Katraj. Fogging Solution used – King Fog Deltamethrin 1.25 Ulv. Duration – 1 Hour. Approx. Area Covered – 5000 sq.ft.

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