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What is Herbal Pest Control?

As the name suggests, “Herbal” Pest Control is a method of pest control that uses solutions made PRIMARILY from HERBS. Traditionally the word “HERBAL” is used to indicate medicines made from herbs. Given the health and medicinal benefits of herbs, the herbal ingredients are used in all everyday lifestyle products like Cosmetics, Nutrition, Oral Hygiene, Skincare, etc. The Pest Control industry too is no stranger to the HERBAL ingredients. Traditionally solutions used in Pest Control treatments were formulated from chemicals, these chemicals are then sprayed in your home even in your kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms, etc. We certainly don’t like spraying “chemicals” in our house unless it is absolutely necessary.

But there is a safer and more effective alternative to chemical-based household pest control in the form of HERBAL PEST CONTROL methods. Do not misunderstand that ALL chemical-based pest control treatments can be substituted by Herbal pest control methods. Nope, it is not so, Herbal pest control method is effective only against household pests like Cockroaches, Ants & Flies – the most common of household pests. The Herbal Pest Control product generally comes in the form of a GEL which is easy to apply as you can see further in this article.

What are the ingredients used in Herbal Pest Control?

Our Herbal Gel is formulated using household herbs such as Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, Onion Powder, Tea Tree Oil, and Baking Soda. As you can see all the ingredients are HERBAL in nature.

Is Herbal pest control safe?

Yes, Herbal Pest Control is safe. In fact, HERBAL is synonymous to SAFETY. Since there are no inorganic chemicals or ingredients Herbal Pest Control is safe. Also, Herbal Pest Treatment is administered in the form of a GEL and not sprayed like traditional pesticides. Being in gel form, the pest control solution does not spread and thus reduces any possibility of contaminating food and utensils. Herbal Pest Control Gel is completely odourless so it won’t bother people sensitive/allergic to chemical smell.

How does Herbal Pest Control work?

The gel spots are applied at various locations in your house/apartment/property. Since kitchens are more prone to pest activity, the gel spots are applied at various locations which are ideal hiding places for the pests. The herbal gel not only repels the pests but also kills them when the pests come in contact with the gel. Unlike spraying, herbal pest control method is completely mess-free.

Is Herbal Pest Control Effective?

Yes, Herbal Pest Control is as effective as chemical pest control though there is a limitation on what type of pests the herbal pest control treatment works on. As mentioned earlier Herbal Pest Control is ONLY effective against household pests like Cockroaches, Ants & Flies. The Herbal Pest Control treatment is particularly effective against Cockroaches of all types including America, German, Oriental & Brown Banded cockroaches. The gel effectively exterminates Nymph & Adult cockroaches. The results begin to show after 6 to 12 hours after the treatment is done. Our tried-and-tested pest control treatment is effective in all conditions including household, commercial and industrial.

Is Herbal Pest Control same as Ayurveda?

You can say so as it is true up to a certain extent. Technically speaking Ayurved is a science of holistic healing system often referred as “Alternative Medicine”. Ayurveda combines herbal medicines, special diets, massage therapy, oil therapies, the practice of Yoga, etc. The common component between Ayurveda & this type of pest control method is the use of ingredients obtained from medicinal herbs.

How is Herbal Pest Control Done?

Being “Clear” white gel the tiny spots are not noticeable, particularly on the kitchen walls.

Is Herbal Pest Control Natural?

Yes, Herbal Pest Control is NATURAL. Because the dominant ingredients are naturally occurring herbs.

Is Herbal Pest Control Organic?

Yes, Herbal Pest Control in Organic because there are absolutely no IN-ORGANIC Chemicals. All the ingredients are extracted from HERBS, living matter.

About Balaji Herbal

Established in 2006, we are one of the earliest pioneers of Herbal Pest Control Service in Pune.

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