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Pest Control for the Kitchen of Catering College in Pune [MSIHMCT] – A Case Study



One of our esteemed clients is Maharashtra State Institute of Hotel Management & Catering & Technology located in Shivajinagar Pune. It is our pleasure to have MSIHMCT Pune as one of our clients and to offer the pest control services to an Institution as reputed as MSIHMCT. Maharashtra State Institute of Hotel Management & Catering & Technology is one of the top rated Catering Technology and Hotel Management Colleges in the country. The College offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Food Technology.



A kitchen of an Catering and Food Technology Institute is its main Laboratory where the future chefs master the art and science of culinary. And to keep the kitchen free of pests is of paramount importance. The big size of the kitchen with all the appliances and raw materials is an ideal place for the pests of all kinds to flourish. Cockroaches, insects, ants, flies, rodents, lizards thrive in such big kitchens as they have plenty of places to hide and set up their housekeeping. Pests spread diseases, spoil raw food material and ruin your brand name. Pests are bad and they are even more so for a commercial kitchen like that of a Catering Institute. A pest infested kitchen not only poses health hazard to people using it but can quickly turn into a potential disease spreading hotspot. Also, there is a danger of contamination and food cooked in such pest infested kitchen can be unhygienic to eat.

Since MSIHMCT Pune comes under the Food Industry sector, it is vulnerable to all kinds of tests [except Termite]. Keeping such a facility pest-free can be challenging, not only because of the sheer size but also because the types of pests that can proliferate. Lately some pests like cockroaches are known to develop resistance to the traditional pesticides. The other challenge is that such a facility cannot be locked down for longer durations given the heavy and continuous use by the students and staff of the college. Being a kitchen, chemical pest control is ruled out and Organic or Herbal Pest Control is preferred.


Pest Solution

At Balaji Herbal Pune we combine Quality with Quantity. With years of experience, we have formulated our own blend of pesticides that is tried-and-tested. Combining our expertise of the right pesticide with the manpower we possess, we are able to complete big tasks well within the stipulated time. Given our experience & competency in undertaking pest control activities for industrial sized kitchens, we have been successfully keeping MSIHMCT’s kitchen pest-free. We have the requisite material and manpower to carry out the pest control exercises on large scale.

Doing Pest Control activity in such big area needs a lot of planning and coordination. There is no room flor sloppiness, one mistake and the pest control activity may not be able to be completed in time, making the kitchen unavailable for the practical. We always have the backup and ready to meet any eventualities.

We are proud to announce that we have been associated with the MSIHMCT College since 2010 and our association is a testimony to our professionalism, proficiency and core business values.


Highlights of the Pest Control Treatment Done at MSIHMCT Pune

  • Total Area Disinfected – Approx. 100000 sq. ft. Including Classrooms, Office, Staff-rooms, Passages, Kitchen, Store-room, Hostel, Hotel Rooms, Housekeeping etc.
  • Service Interval – Weekly Service
  • Total Kitchens – 10, with each kitchen having an area of 800 sq. ft.
  • No. of Drainage Rodent Baits – 50
  • No. of Rodent Glue Pads – 35
  • No. of Rodent Cages – 23

Pest Control Methodology

  • Rodent Pest Control – Rodents by far pose the biggest threat to an organization like MSIHMCT Pune. Rodents with their powerful jaws and burrowing capabilities can gain access to food storage facilities and can contaminate and destroy valuable raw food material. Rodents can gnaw through the wirings of precious equipment, rendering them useless. Given the severity of the Rodent issue, we employ a 3-part strategy.
    • Rodent Bait – A short term Rodent control method. The Rodent Bait is placed near the food source along the walls, the likely route rodents take.
    • Repellent Spray – Balaji Herbal’s tried-and-tested spray does not kill the Rodent but repels them.
    • Glue Pad – Traps the rodents with its strong adhesive.
  • Herbal Gel for Cockroaches – At MSIHMCT Pune, Dual Cockroach Pest Control Methodology which consists of Spray and Gel, is implemented to exterminate the cockroaches. Herbal solutions is sprayed at the skirting level, in the kitchen sink and also in the drainages. Gel is applied inside the cupboards and other storage facilities.
  • Herbal Gel for Ants – Though ants are not as serious a threat as other pests, ants crawling all over the space is an unpleasant sight and they too can contaminate the food. For Ants Pest control we implemented Spraying and Gel methods, like we did for the Cockroach control in the Catering & Food Tech. College.
  • Spraying – Anti-Cockroach and Anti-Rodent sprays keep the pests away from food sources and sanitized areas.
  • “Keeping the premises of our College pest-free is a big task and we have entrusted Balaji Herbal with this task. They have been associated with us since 2010 and we have had no complaints regarding their work so far. Mr. Admane has a good understanding of pest behaviour and is well adept with the various means of controlling them. We are satisfied with the Pest Control Services rendered by Balaji Herbal. I recommend Balaji Herbal for large scale and Industrial pest control.”

    — Mr. Chetan Mandake H.R. Dept Head, MSIHMCT, Pune

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